Friday, November 13, 2009

Cable TV Tax? Are you kidding me?

Where do I start with the cable tv tax?

There is something wrong in the entire industry. As bold a statement as that may be, thats the only thing I can read into it.

Let's explore a little about what Canadians deal with in our communications needs.

Everyone (pretty-much) needs: Home Phone, Internet, Television, in most cases wireless service.

At Rogers TV you'll pay between $120 and $500 per month for that service
At Bell Canada, ExpressVu service providers you're looking at basically the same price

What are you paying for?

CableTV: 8 minutes of programming, then 4 - 10 minutes of advertisements (which have a louder volume than the program.... by design)

In order to get the basic Television channels 9 out of 10 of us want, we have to order 6 - 8 different 'packages'.

First, why do I ahve to watch ads, I pay for this service to be brought to my home.

Where do they get off wanting another $10 a month..?

The 3 different groups involved here have the right idea (if their goal is to rob you and I of more money each month) :: What I mean is... they are tripping over each other (or give off that illusion) trying to blame this $10 increase on the others -

This is a SMOKE SCREEN -- to keep you confused as to where and who this tax is all about! DO NOT FALL for this smack in your face. YOU are not stupid enough NOT TO SEE that this 'fight' means NOTHING will win you NOTHING - they are using it to keep us confused, to bring in a new charge that no one clearly understands, and that no one wants to pay!

A fee that will benefit BIG business and screw the normal joe!

The plain and simple fact of the new Cable TV tax is ::: We already pay WAY too much for some of the WORST service in the business of consumer products period.

Are YOU going to sit on YOUR hands and let them screw you AGAIN..? I hope not.. I know I do not want to.

Comment here... lets find an action plan.. lets see if we can get SOMEONE to look at this industry, someone to PROTECT the interest of the 'little' guy!

My next post with show you how Rogers uses its monthly bills to keep their customers confused, allowing them to overbill, double bill and outright STEAL from their customers.

I will be scanning the bills to prove it and including the contact information of the account who has confirmed criminal activity.

PLEASE... comment, let me know there are people of like minds - let's bring these BIG companies down to size, teach them a lesson they have needed since Ted Rogers bought out all the little companies and crowned himself the Cable King.

It is HIGH TIME we did SOMETHING to stop these companies.

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