Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cable TV Ads - A pack of lies.

I seen another cable tv (stop the tv tax) commercial last night.

What a crock of crap! They say 'The CRTC wants to tax.....' What a LIE! An outright bold, in-yer-face LIE!

I hope that Canadians can see through their lies. It is NOT the CRTC that wants us to pay a tax. The CRTC wants the cable providers to pay for the content they sell to us at enormous outrageous prices.

Sure, I disagree with the CRTC only because no government body should be permitted to regulate what a business should pay for their product. That, however is not the point.

If the CRTC insists on this increase in costs (for the provider) it should NOT be shoveled onto the consumer. Any attempt to lay this additional cost on US should be resisted to the point of telling these giant money-hungry, criminal organizations to take their service and STUFF IT!

How many more increases are we going to accept in this industry? How many billions in profit are enough for these faceless, service-lacking criminals? What is the point that the consumer will be fed up with it to the point of canceling the service and making them hear our voice.

If we hit them in the pocket-book, they will listen! As long as we stay the stupid sheep we have always been to these companies, we will continue to be screwed and taken advantage of.

Are you a stupid sheep - following the TV provider shepherd wherever and at whatever cost they choose? How long will we continue to pay for this useless CRTC organization.

How many times does the hamburger hostess need to screw up before we FIRE her?

If you ask me, us Canadians are wimps - we will sit back and whine about our situation and swear we will do something. The truth is we never do anything - we let our 'leaders' take what they want, when they want and do nothing more than whine about it!

Don't be a sheep! Have the courage to go without 700 channels of CRAP to make a point.

'I will NOT be taken advantage of.... I will NOT accept this final straw... Rogers, Bell, take your cable service and blow it out your cake-hole!

Enough is enough....!

Baaa.. Baaaa.. Baaaa Canadian sheep have you any courage?

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