Saturday, November 14, 2009

BELL Canada's Deceit of Shareholders and CRTC fails again!

Besides a completely useless organization, what is the CRTC and what value are you getting from them for your tax-dollars.

Their web site:

The CRTC’s mandate is to ensure that both the broadcasting and telecommunications systems serve the Canadian public. The CRTC uses the objectives in the Broadcasting Act and the Telecommunications Act to guide its policy decisions.

'Serve the Canadian Public' - They've failed in the first sentence of their mandate.

An organization of any size should not have the power to raise fees to the consumer because they have been mandated to share a portion of the their billion-dollar profit with the providers of the content they sell.

One of the 'packages' you MUST choose (with any of our TV providers) is the basic package. With Rogers the cost is around $35/month. This basic package consists of your basic local television stations.

I already pay too much for this 'package' (of which I rarely watch any of those channels).  The CRTC believes the cable providers should pay a higher price to these stations. I don't see how that is any of the CRTC's concern. If a business is not viable - it fails - out of business, done. Thats the way business works. If you cannot turn a profit, you really shouldn't BE in business. Pretty simple. But that is not the point here.

The CRTC tells the big-guy cable provider that they must carry some of the burden of these 'local' tv companies. Ok. They are allowed to do that, whether they should be or not - they can.

What they CANNOT or at least based on their published mandate, they cannot allow the big companies to add more to the consumer's bill to cover this CRTC 'tax'. If they allow it to be 'billed' to the consumer they have failed to do their job and should be replaced!

If a hamburger hostess repeatedly fails to serve the tables in the employers restaurant, they WILL be fired.

How is it this organization can fail over and over to DO THEIR JOB - yet we (their employer) continue to allow them to keep their job?

I submit its time to FIRE THE CRTC and replace them with that hamburger hostess, her salary would be cheaper than the MILLIONS we pay to the CRTC for the same failure in service. And job performance seems to be equal.

Now... I am starting to get off the real topic of this blog. The cable companies have gotten out of hand with their costs, their lack of customer service, their outright theft from the customers.


Have you looked at your Rogers bill recently? Not only are the prices to high, the layout of the bill is MEANT TO CONFUSE YOU.

Have you hooked up a new Bell Canada Telephone account recently? Do you realize that Bell pads its ExpressVu business (TV) with money from it's Telephone business?

Yes, when you connect a telephone service, there is a charge on there from ExpressVu. Around $100.00 --> Don't worry though, because Bell will credit your Telephone account in the amount of that debit. So the money does not come from you. As a matter of fact that money doesn't even exist. Except on the income account of the ExpressVu company.

How is that legal? Is that legal?

If I have 2 companies, and for every customer I get in one company, I add a service charge that is a mythical payment to my other company and then credit the customer that amount. I am creating a loss for one company and an income for the other. Yet no money has changed hands and the charge (income) serves no purpose but to lie to the Bell Canada shareholders about the income for both of those divisions.

What makes this MY concern? Why should it concern either of us, I mean besides the obvious criminal activity of an organization governed by our tax dollars (the CRTC).

When signing up for a new Bell telephone account - the sales person will tell you: We will give you a $100 credit on your first bill... WOW the consumer says, thats great!

Then comes the bill - the credit is eaten up by the fake debit to their other company and serves NO real purpose on the account other than to the benefit of the two Bell Canada companies.

No one person at Bell Canada (Telephone) can explain this debit/credit manipulation. NO ONE. When pushed on the matter they tell you to speak to a different department.

Where is the CRTC, for that matter where is the Canada Revenue Agency and RCMP - this is criminal activity. Why has no one noticed, why do us Canadians do NOTHING about the criminal activity of such large companies?

The same sort of criminal activity can be seen in the way Rogers does their billing and credits. I do not have time to get into that right now. I will scan the bills to back up the above statement and show you where Rogers does a similar act in one of my next blog posts.

Leave me your comment here --- together we CAN do something! I mean there MUST be something we can do!


  1. I posted -where is it, what truth do you really seek when you choose not to post a comment???

  2. I had said ...A corrupt government and a prehistoric CRTC and you wonder why nothing gets done.....everybody getting paid