Thursday, December 3, 2009

Disconnect Rogers Internet, Rogers TV, Rogers Wireless - BEWARE their hidden CRIMES!!!!

There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with this company!!!!!

After 90 minutes on the phone with simpletons without a clue to call their own, I was told that they simply do not know where over $200 in charges came from on my bill!

But.. they would be glad to print out copies of the last years of bills for me, and were mailing them out immediately for me. Oh... and they will only charge me half-price for each bill... so $4 instead of the normal (criminal) $8.

Well - it has not been just over two-weeks and I have not received the bills, that I imagine I was billed for on the next bill!

Then I caught some slimey little worm, sneaking onto my porch... (literally... stepping lightly on the steps and looking around like he was going to steal something) when I whipped open the door - it was a representative of Rogers Communications (figures... slimey thief sneaking on porch representing a SNEAKY SLIMEY CRIMINAL COMPANY like ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS.)

Behold - a disconnect notice! Meant of course to be handed to the customer, not snuck onto the door handle and run!

So.. mad as hell I was! I called the service number they had on the form. Guess what, it was a number not available from my calling area! GOOD GRIEF! Is this company for real - do they have ANY clue what they are doing... does their right hand have a clue WHERE the left hand is?

Is there a SINGLE person in that organization (Rogers Communications, Rogers Internet, Rogers TV, Rogers Wireless) that has any consideration for the CUSTOMER??!??!??!?!?

I then called the normal Rogers number, from their web site. It was time to escalate this problem, because I have simply had enough of this run around and lies! I wanted to number for the Office of the President of Rogers Communications.

Now get THIS ---> She told me she cannot give me that number. As the steam poured from my ears, I told her simply, and politely (proud of myself for not losing it on her) told her to put me thru to someone who could.

tick tick tick tick tick tock tock tock tock...

34 minutes.... (yes, thirty-four minutes) later, I gave up and hung up!

I have now submitted a request for a call from the Office of the president, through their web site - THAT was hard as hoots to find let me tell you!

I will keep you informed. Although I will be switching Internet providers and seeking others in the same position to start a class-action suit against Rogers Communications.

Time to slap their wrists! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!

Will blog again when (if) I should hear from them - it will be interesting to see what kind of clueless moron they have in the position of escalated issues! Can't wait!